Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello out in blog land

Well things have been kind of crazy as usual here in Hoglen land. I do not know why I think it will be any different. But it is what it is and thankfully it is my crazy life. So I have been working on becoming a better homemaker and Mommy. In my trying to get the house in order we have been putting together and household notebook. This is working out great so far. Its like a SOP (standard operation procedures) for you house and life. Now I will be the first to admit I am not the best housekeeper. Duh. I don't like cleaning. But this is really helping to accomplish getting things done. I like keeping a simple schedule and this works. Plus having one place where I can find all my information without turning on the computer is great. Seems I don't get much done if the computer is on. LOL It is also nice since we are trying to get pregnant that I get all this information together so that my Darling Husband will not be totally lost if I am on bed rest. I also have sat down and typed out two weeks of recipes and grocery list so that all my dear one has to do is see what we have and then make it. It is also helping me to keep a better inventory of what we have on hand and what we need to get. With the craziness of the N1H1 virus (swine flu) going around I deciede it would be the perfect time for me to sit down and get it done. Now I am working on the next two weeks and making a master inventory list of the pantry and house. At least this is a step in the right direction. I will try and post pictures of it when I get it all done. This notebook has also sparked a few other notebooks. Like my warrenty and manuel notebook (nice to have it in one place). I think I might actually make a sepreate notebook for recipes and meal planning. I also think there may be a few other notebooks in the works to more on that later. Have a good weekend everybody.