Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life in our land

Well all has been well here. A few minor and two not so minor illnesses and we are finally seeing daylight again. I Have not been very good with my blogging but its on my list for the year. SO lets start out with some great website I have found. This lady can make you feel good even when you feel bad. I love looking over her blog. She also has had a heck of a romance with her cowboy. She she write romance novels to. SO much fun stuff I just ordered her cookbook, Thank you honey for my valentines day gift. The next blog is They have some great canning and other videos. I found them on youtube and then found there blog. Great stuff. And my third blog that I think is an absolute must is I have already started with some of her ideas. Great blog for moms who just want to prepare against economic uncertainty. Well that is all for now I will do my best to write more than once a month on our blog.