Friday, April 16, 2010

I love our crazy life!

I so love our crazy life. Things have been rocking and rolling around here. Since my last post I have had knee surgery (tore a ligament) Ouch, recovered sort of, gotten my Dad married off (wonderful wedding lots of family) Collected several new relatives that I think are a hoot, Gone on our first family vacation in 5 years thank goodness. It was a great week. Saw my first sunrise at the beach with my husband and it was my little girls first trip to the beach. She took one look at it and said wow mommy look at that pool!! Way to cute for her own good.

We also had the pleasure of watching the Space shuttle launch on April 5 at 6:21 in the morning. Lord help us it was amazing. My Daughter's eye lit up and said wow I want to ride that. Made tears well up in my eyes. I also told her that that Space ship as she called it was taking 4 women up into space. That was the most women ever to go to space at one time. How cool was that. The very best part though was watching my Dear sweet husband hold our Daughter in his arms and tell her she could do anything she wanted to do with hard work.

Well until next time from the funny farm.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Life in our land

Well all has been well here. A few minor and two not so minor illnesses and we are finally seeing daylight again. I Have not been very good with my blogging but its on my list for the year. SO lets start out with some great website I have found. This lady can make you feel good even when you feel bad. I love looking over her blog. She also has had a heck of a romance with her cowboy. She she write romance novels to. SO much fun stuff I just ordered her cookbook, Thank you honey for my valentines day gift. The next blog is They have some great canning and other videos. I found them on youtube and then found there blog. Great stuff. And my third blog that I think is an absolute must is I have already started with some of her ideas. Great blog for moms who just want to prepare against economic uncertainty. Well that is all for now I will do my best to write more than once a month on our blog.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What a summer

WOW what a summer so far. Things are very hectic in our household. Stuff happening all over the place. Lilly went to her first movie in a theater last week. We went and saw Space Chimps It was so funny. Today we are making Watermelon slushes today. Have to tell you how that works out. My nieces start back to school in two weeks talk about no summer. They got just 5 weeks off. I hope everyone enjoys there summer and is safe in the process.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Little One

I can not believe that my Little girl is 3 years old today. Three years ago this morning I was in recovery asking if she was okay after an Emergency C-Section. I remember when they handed me this sweet little bundle and said Okay shes all yours. It was a very profound moment for me. My dear husband and I sat ( I laid in bed) in absolute awe of this little human being that would forever change our lives. Our little one who would bond us together even more than our marriage did. We were no longer a couple we were a FAMILY. Thank you GOD for my sweet girl and my Family.


A Month of Sick

This past month has been crazy. We started it off with a wonderful sinus infection for all three of us. It led into an upper respiratory infection that passed to all of us individually, then came the sinus crap again followed by a lovely stomach virus for my little girl. I am so ready for this mess to be over.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hello out in blog land

Well things have been kind of crazy as usual here in Hoglen land. I do not know why I think it will be any different. But it is what it is and thankfully it is my crazy life. So I have been working on becoming a better homemaker and Mommy. In my trying to get the house in order we have been putting together and household notebook. This is working out great so far. Its like a SOP (standard operation procedures) for you house and life. Now I will be the first to admit I am not the best housekeeper. Duh. I don't like cleaning. But this is really helping to accomplish getting things done. I like keeping a simple schedule and this works. Plus having one place where I can find all my information without turning on the computer is great. Seems I don't get much done if the computer is on. LOL It is also nice since we are trying to get pregnant that I get all this information together so that my Darling Husband will not be totally lost if I am on bed rest. I also have sat down and typed out two weeks of recipes and grocery list so that all my dear one has to do is see what we have and then make it. It is also helping me to keep a better inventory of what we have on hand and what we need to get. With the craziness of the N1H1 virus (swine flu) going around I deciede it would be the perfect time for me to sit down and get it done. Now I am working on the next two weeks and making a master inventory list of the pantry and house. At least this is a step in the right direction. I will try and post pictures of it when I get it all done. This notebook has also sparked a few other notebooks. Like my warrenty and manuel notebook (nice to have it in one place). I think I might actually make a sepreate notebook for recipes and meal planning. I also think there may be a few other notebooks in the works to more on that later. Have a good weekend everybody.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a catch up post to let you all know whats going on.

Hi all its been a while so much has happened in the last few months I have barely had time to catch my breath. Lets just say life got in the way and had to be taken care of. Now on to some great information. The ladies at are having a great giveaway for a few lucky people and I just wanted to get the word out. These ladies are putting all of there Baby steps into one PDF format for everyone to have now. They go on sale on Thursday and if you are new to the idea of food storage or family preparedness I urge you to take a look at the websites and the abundance of information they all have. On a side note Crystal at has found out that her book is going to print and should be out soon for all to buy. Shauntell at has taught me how to save so much money. This has come in handy with the change in our family economic upheveil . All of these ladies make up the site and let me just say I would not be anywhere except lost with out these ladies. IF you are curious about preparedness or food storage this is a good sites to start with.

I have been cleaning house talk about a mess I am still purging daily. Our garage is almost done. We have been working on a clearing out and finishing it to make it an extra play area and storage area. You ought to see the old TV in there. You all know the kind I taking about one that actually had a dial only the dial is missing and you have to use a pair of pliers to turn the channel lucky for us we are only using it for video's and DVDs for the bug. My sewing room/office will be out there soon. We just have to get the attic and one wall insulated. For now we will put and A/C unit in the widow for summer.
I have to thank Brandy at For the great idea of an insulated and airconditioned Garage. Brandy also has some great Ideas on eddible landscapes. Thats my big progect for the summer.

Well I will try to be better about my posting. Heres my new motto. One thing at a time. Just one at a time. Till then folks have a great day.