Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Little One

I can not believe that my Little girl is 3 years old today. Three years ago this morning I was in recovery asking if she was okay after an Emergency C-Section. I remember when they handed me this sweet little bundle and said Okay shes all yours. It was a very profound moment for me. My dear husband and I sat ( I laid in bed) in absolute awe of this little human being that would forever change our lives. Our little one who would bond us together even more than our marriage did. We were no longer a couple we were a FAMILY. Thank you GOD for my sweet girl and my Family.


A Month of Sick

This past month has been crazy. We started it off with a wonderful sinus infection for all three of us. It led into an upper respiratory infection that passed to all of us individually, then came the sinus crap again followed by a lovely stomach virus for my little girl. I am so ready for this mess to be over.