Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loss of the unkown

Well I thought things would kind of cool down just a little but life with a toddler keeps you moving. I found out just this week we were pregnant and then yesterday we found out that we lost the baby. I am thankful that I was not farther along than I was. I am really thankful I did not get used to the idea of being pregnant. It is unfortunate for our loss. We are going to mourn this baby and give thanks for the time we have had with it. We just ask God to give us the strength and the understanding to accept the things we can not change or understand. I will not post for a few weeks because of being on a late family vacation. see you then.

Friday, August 1, 2008

What a day!!

This is my first blog so forgive me if I go on and on about bug's world because she is my world.

I was finally able to get out into the back yard. Working on the Garden patch that is in bad shape. I really have to get out earlier in the A.M. It got hot and sticky quick. Our friends came over and helped put up Bug's salvaged play set. One of the Teachers and DH school was getting rid of it out of her backyard and she offered it to us if we would come and get it last weekend. So DH and all my boys (Kevin, Pedro, John, Jake, and Stevie) went and worked all day to pull it apart and drive it over an hour back here. It is real nice it has slides, fort, swings and gang plank. We can also add onto it. Everyone came over on Sunday after they spent all day dismantling it on Saturday and put it back together for Bug. Bug loves all her uncle's for doing such a great big job for her. She loves to swing (thanks Grandma for the new swings). I will get the pictures downloaded and post them later.
I love all kinds of crafts and helping my Bug to learn all kinds of new things (I love being a mommy).