Friday, April 16, 2010

I love our crazy life!

I so love our crazy life. Things have been rocking and rolling around here. Since my last post I have had knee surgery (tore a ligament) Ouch, recovered sort of, gotten my Dad married off (wonderful wedding lots of family) Collected several new relatives that I think are a hoot, Gone on our first family vacation in 5 years thank goodness. It was a great week. Saw my first sunrise at the beach with my husband and it was my little girls first trip to the beach. She took one look at it and said wow mommy look at that pool!! Way to cute for her own good.

We also had the pleasure of watching the Space shuttle launch on April 5 at 6:21 in the morning. Lord help us it was amazing. My Daughter's eye lit up and said wow I want to ride that. Made tears well up in my eyes. I also told her that that Space ship as she called it was taking 4 women up into space. That was the most women ever to go to space at one time. How cool was that. The very best part though was watching my Dear sweet husband hold our Daughter in his arms and tell her she could do anything she wanted to do with hard work.

Well until next time from the funny farm.